Flocon electrochemical water purification technology enables separation of impurities from the water to self drying floc. Flocon water purification technology offers solutions for process industry as well as for the treatment of municipal wastewater and agricultural wastewater. Weather the case is process water, washing water or leachate, the water can be purified to level where it can be recycled and used again, to reduce the cost when letting water to sewer or discharged into nature within emission limits.

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The unique water purification method enables the separation of impurities from water on a large scale without generating sludge that is difficult to dry and process. After the Flocon process, two fractions are formed from the wastewater: Purified water and floc. Water: In the cleaning process wide range of impurities are being separated from the wastewater. Dissolved oil, heavy metals, solids and phosphorus can be practically completely separated from the water. In the reactor cell, metal ions are removed from the electrode with electricity. The metal ions form a sieve with the water's OH- groups on a molecular level. The impurities in the water are attached to this metal hydroxide network, which rises with the help of the hydrogen gas produced and leaves the top of the separation tower. Purified water is let out from the bottom.